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Earth Science & Art: Exploring Soil from the Four Corners of the Schoolyard: While working with different soil and plant materials from the “four corners” of their schoolyard as an art palette, students discover the wonders of how soil is made. The exploration leads to new awareness of the habitats that surround their school.  This workshop also builds their ability to identify the four cardinal directions.

From Water Drop to Watershed: Students study the movement of water as a single drop, and then as a “rain storm” over a watershed model that shows water’s interaction with different earth materials. They see how water moves through the water cycle and through our towns and landscapes.  They also learn the significance of preserving green spaces to keep water clean and healthy, and to protect our natural habitats. Science turns to art when they have fun creating paintings with ink and watercolor pencils.

The Power Cycle: Re-Thinking Our Energy Re-Sources: Students trace the many ways we keep warm and power up our world, historically and present day.  Origins of energy-producing materials, sustainability of their use, and the integrity of insulated structures are explored.  The workshop begins with a scientific inquiry process and shifts to art-making when the warming materials (coal, wood, feathers, wool, etc.) are taken in hand to create unique works of art.

Stories in the Land: Speaking with Nature: In this program students explore how humans have developed their art, culture, and language expression in response to the land they live upon.  The workshop begins with direct nature experiences, and then students are guided to develop their insight and language skills through symbolism in art and writing.  They have fun “speaking” with nature and learning skills for future expression.

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Earth Science & Art: Exploring Soil from the Four Corners of the Schoolyard